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Welcome to the Western Plains Pork website and thank-you for your interest in our products and farming practices.

Out in the pig paddocks the automatic feeders are proving to be a great success. Making life easier for the pigs and for management of their welfare. Western Plains Pork is the first farm in the world to adapt the automatic feeders to an outdoor environment.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is fast approaching. We are involved in a few different events held during the festival.
Pigs, Pots and Pinot at The Plough Hotel in Footscray - Saturday 1st April, 12.00 - 4.00pm and this event is raising money for the Footscray Primary School and the Footscray West Primary. There is also a band playing throughout the afternoon. Definitely worth attending this event.
The Salt Kitchen Soiree is being held at Collins Quarter, Melbourne - Saturday 1st April, 4.00 - 7.00pm
Suckling Pig Banquets at La Luna Bistro in Carlton - there are 4 Banquets but are all sold out. La Luna have had these Banquets for many years now and are extremely successful. They are so good but you need to get in early to get tickets!!

You can now find Golden Plains Five Star Pork produced by Western Plains Pork on menus not just in Melbourne and Country Victoria but in New South Wales and Queensland.

Western Plains Pork is committed to consistently producing, healthy, nutritious pork, using production systems that are simple, ethical, humane and environmentally sound.